Rozanne Versendaal


I have a background in French Language and Culture and in Literary Studies. I completed both my bachelor’s degree (2013) and master’s degree (2015) at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

I recently started my PhD studies at Utrecht University (2016). As part of the NWO funded project ‘Uncovering Joyful Culture: Parodic Literature and Practices in and around the Low Countries (13th-17th centuries)’ of dr. Katell Lavéant, I study the production, circulation and transformations of the multilingual literary genre of the joyful summons.

My research focuses on a manuscript and print corpus from the 15th to the 17th century. The corpus mainly consists of French and Dutch manuscripts and texts in print. An important aspect of the corpus is its parodic and ironic character: it parodies official medieval letters, ordinances and summons. The parodic, joyful texts often address a subversive community, which consists for example of liars, thieves, drunkards and beggars. The community mentioned in the texts is not rarely encouraged to show many kinds of immoral behavior and to reverse the normal order of society. My project studies the genre of the joyful summons, its literary features and its circulation and function in the late medieval and early modern society. This is studied within a context of urban court communities, theatre, festivals and joyful groups.



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